About the Designer

Grayson has always been captivated by the world of creative arts. From a young age, he found himself drawn to the power of art and its ability to communicate ideas, emotions, and stories. His journey into the realm of design began during his time at Guilford College, Greensboro, NC, where he pursued a double major in Political Science and German Studies, while also discovering his passion for graphic design, graduating in 2010 into a challenging, competitive market.

As a college student, Grayson recognized the need for effective marketing materials for the various clubs he was involved in. Motivated by this necessity, he seized the opportunity to delve into the world of design and discovered a whole new dimension of creativity. This ignited a spark within him to explore and expand his skills in the field of graphic design.

Post-graduation, Grayson’s career took an exciting turn when he returned to Atlanta, Georgia and joined Clash Graphics. This role not only allowed him to apply his design expertise but also presented him with countless opportunities to grow as a designer, estimator, product specialist, and more. Clash Graphics required a lot of hats to be worn! He embraced these opportunities with enthusiasm and honed his skills to create captivating graphics for a diverse range of industries and helped expand the business. From beauty salons to nightclubs, non-profits to political campaigns, Fortune 500 corporations and international organizations – Grayson has had the privilege of leaving his creative mark on a broad spectrum of projects, both big and small.

In 2019, he took a leap of faith and embarked on a freelancing journey by establishing his very own LLC, ITP Graphics. This decision has been the pinnacle of his professional growth, granting him the autonomy to explore his creativity to its fullest potential. As a freelancer, Grayson takes immense pride in his ability to deliver unique, eye-popping, and professional designs under even the most demanding deadlines.

Grayson is a proud native Atlantan and spends his time with his wife and two cats adventuring around the country, and enjoys both supporting and uplifting his beloved rugby team, High Country Rugby, based out of Little Five Points.